Episode 11 - Lindsay Eckert

March 21, 2017

First episode of Spring! In the intro, Tim talks about Ween, Wilson Phillips, pasta making, Domino's Pizza and Shaquille O'Neal's “flat earth theory”. This week's guest lives with Tim, calls him her boyfriend, helped him with the intro episode and deals with his shit on a daily basis. That's right, Lindsay Eckert has returned! She was gracious enough to come on the show and discuss their relationship, how it evolved from a long-term friendship, her work with The Onion, marketing, advertising, the pros and cons of Ad Targeting (tracking consumers' every move online to better serve them relevant ads), family, atheism, empathy, depression, Boyz II Men, feeling old, dating, being a radio DJ in college, starting a female rugby team in college, the fear of snakes, bad habits, and her childhood dream of becoming a Princess/Ballerina/Astronaut. Enjoy!


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