Episode 17 - Bill Stovall

June 13, 2017

Tim welcomes Bill Stovall to the show! The two discuss family, parenthood, concerts, IVF, growing up around addiction, genetics, religion, conspiracy theories, national outrage, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, being on the receiving end of a drive-by shooting, friendship, being a musician and touring in rock bands, patriotism, death, masturbation, the time Tim thought he broke his penis, Bill's personal story involving a Target bathroom, and much more! Neither has boundaries in this conversation which makes for a personal, revealing and all-around entertaining conversation. In the intro Tim discusses recording outdoors, Indianapolis, friends, the idea of “home” and Domino's Pizza. Stay tuned after the conversation to hear a couple of songs from Bill's past. Enjoy!

***Featured Music***

Who I Am - by SLUR

Lovin' Man - by The Remainders


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