Episode 3 - Chad Kennedy

November 29, 2016

Tim talks about Thanksgiving, pays tribute to the late Sharon Jones and introduces this week's guest, Chad Kennedy. The two of them sit down in Chad's living room with a two-person/1 cat audience in attendance. The first half of the conversation is dedicated to Chad's time in the United States Army. Topics include: boot camp, military food, tours in South Korea and Somalia, getting shot at, seeing an enemy up close, torture, stealing a Humvee to get beer, and much much more. Chad even details one of the raids he went on! The second half of the conversation gets even more personal than we could have imagined. Topics include: paranormal experiences, what the term “bull” means in the swinger lifestyle, addiction, psychedelics, family, religion, government, sexual experiences, eating certain meats in Korea which are frowned upon here in the States, and more! Chad holds nothing back and Tim just tries to keep up. We really hope you enjoy this one as it's not often you get to hear blunt and honest stories about most of these topics. Tim hung out with Chad later that night while celebrating a mutual friend's birthday and he told us that Chad was so relaxed and happy after doing the interview. He was telling everyone about it. Let's hope he still likes it now that it's out! Enjoy! Photo Credit: Ted Wilson III


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