Episode 6 - James ‘Louie’ Humphries

January 10, 2017

First episode of 2017! Tim talks about detoxing and vinyl records during the intro. This week's guest is James 'Louie' Humphries. A discussion about Louie's recent graduation from Law School leads to topics like criminal justice reform, RICO laws, stop & frisk laws, the ACLU, the Constitution, criminal defense and his work with clemency petitions. Other topics include Louie's time working at Disney World, how he met his wife, fertility issues & in vitro fertilization, religion, music, family, sinkholes, wrestling singlets, how he got his nickname and much more. Tim's favorite quote of Louie's from the episode: “If someone is driving you crazy, take the keys away.” A very entertaining, thoughtful and engaging conversation between two friends. Enjoy!

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