Episode 12 - Kyle Larsen

April 4, 2017

Tim welcomes Kyle Larsen to the show! The two discuss relationships, family, teaching, Australia, divorce, music, the apocalypse, children, dating, sperm banks, artificial intelligence, fears, religion and much more. In the intro, Tim talks about feeling old, House Hunters, the band Sweet Spirit, and Domino's Pizza. Enjoy!


Episode 11 - Lindsay Eckert

March 21, 2017

First episode of Spring! In the intro, Tim talks about Ween, Wilson Phillips, pasta making, Domino's Pizza and Shaquille O'Neal's “flat earth theory”. This week's guest lives with Tim, calls him her boyfriend, helped him with the intro episode and deals with his shit on a daily basis. That's right, Lindsay Eckert has returned! She was gracious enough to come on the show and discuss their relationship, how it evolved from a long-term friendship, her work with The Onion, marketing, advertising, the pros and cons of Ad Targeting (tracking consumers' every move online to better serve them relevant ads), family, atheism, empathy, depression, Boyz II Men, feeling old, dating, being a radio DJ in college, starting a female rugby team in college, the fear of snakes, bad habits, and her childhood dream of becoming a Princess/Ballerina/Astronaut. Enjoy!


Episode 10 - Ben Clark

March 7, 2017

In the intro, Tim talks hosting visitors, The Empty Bottle, and music. Ben Clark (singer/songwriter, composer for musicals The Circus In Winter and Skin And Bones) is today's guest! The late-night conversation starts right off with how Ben and Ryan M. Brewer (Episode 4) almost killed a guy hours before. After that, Tim and Ben discuss sports, Ben's music, field recording, musical theatre, Chicago, music as an emotional and mental outlet, depression, food, temping, cockroaches, dreams, ghosts, the Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu and more! Tim also plays some of Ben's tracks throughout the episode. In the outro, Tim talks Domino's Pizza and clears the air regarding a mistake he made in a previous episode that affected his girlfriend. Enjoy!


--Ben Clark / The Long Shadows--







--The Circus In Winter: The Musical--



--Skin And Bones: A New Musical by Ben Clark and Andrew Kramer--




***Featured Music***

Thug – from Time and Miles Apart EP

Cold Feet – from Time and Miles Apart EP

Deal 'Em Out – from The Circus In Winter: The Musical

Overgrown – from Skin And Bones: A New Musical by Ben Clark and Andrew Kramer

Creep (Radiohead cover) – from Ben Clark's YouTube page


Episode 9 - Christy Beaver Franzman

February 21, 2017

In the intro, Tim excitedly discusses Denver, weddings, Frontier Airlines, 'weed adventures', and Dominos Pizza (again). Pancake (the cat) also makes an appearance or two in the intro. Christy Beaver Franzman is the guest this week!! She sits down with Tim to discuss family, religion, marriage, fate, growing up, her job as an Indiana State Librarian, historical documents and artifacts preserved at State Libraries, Pizza King, the possible extinction of the human race, depressions, anxiety, medication, music, the need to dismantle the two-party system in polictics, Peyton Manning's forehead, and much much more! She's amazing and Tim is Tim. Enjoy!


Episode 8 - Mark Lewis

February 7, 2017

In the intro, Tim provides an update on detoxing, his longing for Domino's Pizza, and his record buying addiction. NO POLITICS in the intro. Mark Lewis is this week's guest. Tim and Mark go back a long way which allows for a decent amount of 'shit talking', tangents, laughing and thoughtful discussion. They tackle topics such as religion, psychedelics, road rage, healthcare and taking care of a parent, boxing and what it feels like to get punched in the face, food, dreams, self-medicating, extraterrestrial life, online dating, Star Wars, the apocalyspse/rapture, Edward Snowden, the government, depression, social anxiety, friendship, robot sex (Tim's fault), and much more. Enjoy listening to two longtime friends shoot the breeze, dissect life, and learn even more about each other!


Episode 7 - Sherry Smith

January 24, 2017

In the intro, Tim discusses events from the past couple weeks and reveals his love for the Pale Blue Dot. This week's guest is someone Tim has literally known his whole life...his Mom. They discuss her tumultuous childhood, growing up with a manic parent, an ex-husband who was killed in a bar fight by an off-duty police officer, the Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles & why everyone hates on Ringo, abuse, conspiracy theories, marriage & divorce, what “the good o' days” means, history, dreams, addiction, music, concerts and much more. This conversation is extremely personal and touching and we hope you enjoy!


Episode 6 - James ‘Louie’ Humphries

January 10, 2017

First episode of 2017! Tim talks about detoxing and vinyl records during the intro. This week's guest is James 'Louie' Humphries. A discussion about Louie's recent graduation from Law School leads to topics like criminal justice reform, RICO laws, stop & frisk laws, the ACLU, the Constitution, criminal defense and his work with clemency petitions. Other topics include Louie's time working at Disney World, how he met his wife, fertility issues & in vitro fertilization, religion, music, family, sinkholes, wrestling singlets, how he got his nickname and much more. Tim's favorite quote of Louie's from the episode: “If someone is driving you crazy, take the keys away.” A very entertaining, thoughtful and engaging conversation between two friends. Enjoy!

Additional Links:

ACLU Stop and Frisk Study

Louie's hope for an afterlife


Episode 5 - Maddison Mutschler

December 27, 2016

Last episode of 2016! Tim talks about the holidays, New Year's Eve plans, and this week's episode with Maddison Mutschler. When Tim was asked to provide some insight for this conversation, this is what he had to say: “Madde's episode is a great representation of what I wanted this show to be. It's completely full of great stories and laughs while also including one of the most heart-wrenching, deep and emotional conversations I've had with a guest so far. I can only hope it encourages more people to speak out as there just isn't enough dialogue in this country regarding struggles that so many of us share.” Topics range from religion and Madde's idea of heaven (includes nachos & Christian Bale), first dates/first kisses, societal pressures, anxiety, creating & appreciating art, family, dreams, getting arrested, depression, refusing to operate a vehicle ever again, how crazy rumors of one's sexual orientation can affect life in high school, and much more. Enjoy, everyone! Have a very happy and safe transition from 2016 to 2017!


Episode 4 - Ryan M. Brewer

December 13, 2016

This week Tim talks about his love of jerky, the Rolling Stones, the holidays and the new Mouth to Mouth w/Tim Spotify Playlist. This week's guest is independent musician/singer/songwriter Ryan M. Brewer. Tim and Ryan have a laid-back late-nite chat about performing, making a record, what makes a good or bad gig, influences, constructing a stage persona, life on the road, how to book a tour, crashing on stranger's couches, songwriting, favorite cities, favorite venues, upstairs neighbors, food, dreams, paranormal experiences, irrational fears, bad dates, Fabio and coconut milk. Tim also plays some of Ryan's music and a song from their shared past (over 20min of music). Enjoy!



Songs Featured:

Take It With A Shaker - Ryan M. Brewer w/ Jacob Anderson & John Fishell (from: Take It With A Shaker - Live At Logan Street Sanctuary)

Pretty Girls Everywhere - Ryan M. Brewer (from: Trails)

I Sleep Alright - Ryan M. Brewer (Single)

Christmas Sunrise - Ryan M. Brewer (from: Bethlehem: An Original Series by Michael Malone)

The Safest Bet - the fallow (Demo)

Nice 'N Naughty - Ryan M. Brewer (from: Bethlehem: An Original Series by Michael Malone)


Episode 3 - Chad Kennedy

November 29, 2016

Tim talks about Thanksgiving, pays tribute to the late Sharon Jones and introduces this week's guest, Chad Kennedy. The two of them sit down in Chad's living room with a two-person/1 cat audience in attendance. The first half of the conversation is dedicated to Chad's time in the United States Army. Topics include: boot camp, military food, tours in South Korea and Somalia, getting shot at, seeing an enemy up close, torture, stealing a Humvee to get beer, and much much more. Chad even details one of the raids he went on! The second half of the conversation gets even more personal than we could have imagined. Topics include: paranormal experiences, what the term “bull” means in the swinger lifestyle, addiction, psychedelics, family, religion, government, sexual experiences, eating certain meats in Korea which are frowned upon here in the States, and more! Chad holds nothing back and Tim just tries to keep up. We really hope you enjoy this one as it's not often you get to hear blunt and honest stories about most of these topics. Tim hung out with Chad later that night while celebrating a mutual friend's birthday and he told us that Chad was so relaxed and happy after doing the interview. He was telling everyone about it. Let's hope he still likes it now that it's out! Enjoy! Photo Credit: Ted Wilson III